Monday, February 06, 2006

A bunch of tangents and a few rants.

1. Been busy going to the mosque. Little Dude has been really good for me there. Well, except the time the swinging end of a ladies scarf got his attention and he swiped at it missing the scarf and instead got her backside. Oops.

2. Haven't been online much the last few days and when i logged into my email this morning, there was a ton of emails. Most were from Flylady. I thought she was supposed to help me be organized and get rid of clutter, but she's cluttering up my mailbox.

3. I think (know) my hard drive is going to crash soon. I will soon get the new version of my computer. yay! The new model is much lighter too. Looking forward to that especially since my back is still all out of whack from Little Dude. I finally started seeing a chiropractor. Alhamdulillah.

4. Heard about the Prophet Muhammad Danish cartoons. That is just wrong on so many levels but what i want to know is why Muslims have to go all crazy and violent about stuff like this? Why do they have to make us all look crazy? This so isn't what the prophet would do (imo). When i first converted, i thought Muslims were great people. I realized soon after that even though a religion is perfect, it's followers aren't. This violence within Islam is just a shame. Yeah, the cartoons were wrong and deserve a response, but this is the wrong response. Two wrongs don't make a right. That's what i learned back home on the farm and it still sticks.

5. I watched a bunch of documentaries on the Amish and found them to be very interesting. What i kept thinking about while watching is why aren't Muslims more like this? I mean, why don't we have close knit communities and support each other. Why are Muslims so seperated? Sect-wise and otherwise. Amish and Menonites get along just fine. They have done such a great job at building a community. Community and unity is what Islam was built on. Why has it stopped? Why do so many backbite, slander, and envy? The Amish, if a barn burns down, gets together and do what is called a Barn Raising where they rebuild that barn as a community in one day. MashAllah! That's brotherly love. They don't have to ask for help and no one asks for payment. Why don't we have schools and communities and brotherly love? I'm not innocent here, people...i'm just saying...

6. They say it's going to snow today. Hmmmmmm. I really don't think that's possible here but we'll see. Ironically i just planted some new flowers on the front steps. I can't believe flowers are starting to come up. The daffodils are on the rise. I thought those were flowers you had to replant each year, but they keep coming. If it does snow, I know it won't be like the snow i'm used to (colorado).

7. Speaking of which, i'm really missing Colorado. I miss so much from there. Especially during Muharram. I converted a few months before Muharram and i associate Muharram with that and of course Colorado. I miss the sisters there. I met a sister (well actually two) from the mosque there that i just adore. We always went to the mosque, every week without fail. Often it was only us there as far as women goes. Anyway, we would have such fun. We'd talk, pray, listen to the lecture, eat and then laugh and talk over tea. I miss her so much. And then we got a third to our party when the sheik got married. His wife was also so much fun and joined us in our laughter. We would sometimes laugh so hard that we couldn't stop and we'd end up snorting tea. I didn't know until those two that religious institutions could be fun. I haven't seen it since. The mosque here, everyone is so serious and acting all high and mighty. Back at the other mosque, we were religious, but we were also human and it was a beautiful thing. MashAllah.


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