Thursday, February 09, 2006


I had the greatest kebob roll of my life last night after the majalis. (Southern Masala - didn't you think it rocked?) I tried to bribe DH to give me his and the sweet guy that he is left me almost half for today's lunch. I just scarfed it down after seeing it sit there all lonely on the refridgerator shelf. Thanks dear.

Been looking at Ashura footage and listening to lectures and stuff. I just found a whole bunch of cool websites online. I'm so excited. It's too bad my computer is going to *break* this weekend. But it gives me something to look forward to when i get my new and improved computer.

And i have to give a big thanks to Dervish for leading me to Furl. All my linkies are safe and sound there for when my computer *breaks* this weekend. I'm also thankful they now make these. Now, all my files are also safe and sound. My hard drive no longer has control over my life.

Other thoughts of the day:

1. Jill Carroll is still alive. MashAllah. I'm so thankful for that and hope she makes it home safe and sound.
2. After ranting about all the violence and my frustratedness, DH made a good point that shifted my whole attitude. I'd share, but he's shy.
3. I actually teared up during last night's majalis. I'm usually only solemn, but a few tears did welt up. Is welt a word?


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