Tuesday, March 07, 2006

This is why paradise lies under the foot of the mother.

What happened to my sweet little quiet baby? Who is this yelling, demanding, crying, opinionated little person?

Here is the beginning of my day:

4:00am Little Dude demands food. Easy one.

6:00am Little Dude wants more food. Okay fine.

7:45am DH moves Little Dude from my side of the bed to his as he leaves for work. Good, now i have a foot of space instead of six inches.

8:00am LD moves back to my side and leaves me six inches of space again. My head feels like it's going to explode. I drink what must be a gallon of water to make the itching in my throat stop.

8:15am I try to go back to sleep. LD sneezes all over me. I am not the only one suffering from a plugged nose. I hear his nose is plugged again so i get the nasal aspirator. He used to let me do this so easily. Now it's a wrestling match and once again i'm defeated but happy i at least got one of two nostrils cleared. He starts his talking spree - da da da da da da giggle. da da daaaaaaaaaaa da. On and on and on. I laugh but so he can't see. He thrives on the attention.

8:30 LD attempts to get me back by picking my nose. Oh joy.

8:34 I sigh, and grudgingly get up. I put him in his crib for fifteen minutes so i can get ready. I can only put him in his crib since his major mode of transportation these days is rolling across the room. He screams and screams in protest. When i get back to him, he laughs at me cooing "sucker!"

9:00 LD exhausts himself repeating over and over da da da da da da da. (This happens in the middle of the night too.) We have a night talker.

10:00 LD passes out cold after eating. I transfer him to his crib.

10:15 LD begins crying yet again when he realizes i'm not there.

10:16 I bring LD to room i'm in so i can get ready but he screams if i am not right next to him.

10:20 I put LD in his gym to play. He rolls over on his stomach which of course makes him throw up and rubs his face in it. I rush to him, clean him up and pick him up. He cries not wanting to leave the gym. Finally gives up and lets out a big sigh.

10:25 I change his clothes and decide to go ahead and change his diaper too. Bad timing. I have to change now.

10:30 Retrieve LD from "holding camp". He throws up on me. I change again.

What happened to my sweet baby who didn't need me every second? Now if i leave him alone for a second he automatically starts crying. He only wants to be on his stomach now but that makes him throw up. Arggggghhhhhh. And now he has opinions. If i take away something he wants, he cries. I didn't think that would happen until at least a year old.


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