Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The library.

I love the library. It's one thing (and parks) that i would totally allow an increase in taxes for. I use my library fully. I get books on cd for DH and his long commute. I get them for me for driving, cooking, etc. It allows me to read more than i could without them being on audio because of Little Dude. He even listened to a couple books with me when he was smaller and we spent a lot of time in our glider. It's how I read Bee Season (previous post) and many other great books that i wouldn't have had the time for. I also check out magazines from there so i only actually subscribe to two but i get to read four (if time permits).

I go every week and the librarians know me. It was this way in Denver too. Each week i also check out movies and cd's. We hardly use Blockbuster since the library has most everything. If they don't, then we go to Blockbuster. It's rare we go though since i request all my holds online and usually only have to wait a week or two for new releases. I also, of course, get tons of books, cookbooks, whatever i fancy (i can't believe i just used that word like that...hmmm) that week. Oh, and they also sell donated books. I also donate to them.

It's a great relationship i have with the library. And now that Little Dude is getting bigger and more interactive we'll be going weekly for their baby development class where i guess we sing songs and do developmental building games with our little ones and then we read to them at the end. It's gonna be good for him and good for me - and i'm hoping i'll meet some cool mom's. He's going to grow up with the library being a given. The librarians just love him and they compete for smiles. He seems to like the desi lady best.

My latest cool find at the public library: a Matisyahu cd. I think this guy lived down the hall from me back in Colorado. I swear it was him. There was a group of Jewish guys all living together and they would always be blasting the reggae and having these crazy parties. I actually wish i had gotten to know them because they seemed interesting. I was just starting to seriously study Islam at the time. I remember our incense competing. I liked Nag Champa or Patchouli (i'm a hippie like that) and they liked some potent stuff. I think it masked the mary juana they were smoking but anyways. Here is another website about Matisyahu. Good stuff.


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