Monday, March 27, 2006


I finally finished that stupid book review i was struggling with. I looked at it every day and thought about doing it but was stuck for words. I seriously couldn't come up with 700 words about a book that i have no complaint against. I don't think it's just because i need a bad or mediocre book to get the ability to write. I think it's because writing about something that is good gets kind of boring. I should just be able to say: you'll love this book, go and buy it. Nuff said.

Those who have heard me talk about my bad bad bad tendency to procrastinate to is another example. My deadline is/was today so i got it done all right. It only took a few focused hours and much cooperation from Little Dude. Since he kept both of us up last night with his babbling, he was as tired as i was and wasn't in the mood to battle for attention. And since i gave up coffee a few weeks ago, i couldn't even rely on stimulants. It all rested on me and Little Dude working together.

I'm digressing. Never mind all that. Point is, push came to shove and i got the piece done. But the bigger point is, i suck at time management. I wasted so many good hours procrastinating this review and avoiding it and in the end it only took a few sleep deprived focused hours to get it done. The next two books i am to review are now sitting there staring at me intimidating me. They're saying "You'll procrastinate again. You'll read me but you will stall and stall writing the review and waste more time until the deadline approaches and you must write it. You silly little person."

Thoughts and distractions that ran through my head today tempting me away from the task at hand:

*Hmmm, we really need to get our taxes done*

*My little dude is getting all grown up too fast, he's so smart now and that's so crazy how he climbs up me to kiss me. I should just quit writing and focus on him 100%. Mommy wants to play with you Little Dude. Let's play. Forget that stupid review.*

*What was the name of that book i wanted to order? I better go online and see...long two hour distraction because going online means looking at blogs, checking mail, etc.*

*Carcinogens suck. I really need to throw the teflon out. I wonder how many carcinogens Little Dude has running through his system because of me. I'm so stupid for boiling his paci's in a teflon pot. I'm a bad mother. I really should eat better and we should be more green. Yeah, that's what i'm gonna do. Maybe we should be vegetarian. I should go online to do some research. No no no, bad wayfarer! Write! and then you can go online. But self, then i'll forget. You don't want me to forget do you. You are just procrastinating Wayfarer. Back to work!*

*Why did i give up coffee though? Oh yeah, may cause heart disease in women. Mom has heart disease. Maybe i'll get it too and coffee will just make it worse. Man what i wouldn't give for a cup of coffee right now. Would one cup hurt? But then maybe i won't be able to sleep tonight because i'm not used to coffee anymore. Then that'll be two sleepless nights. Argh, okay, no coffee.*

*I wish i could get a pedicure. Why o why do they have to have all that bacteria in the drain thingie. Argh. It's just no fair. If i could treat myself to a pedicure for getting this review done, i could get it done fast!*

*Maybe i should just give up my computer and blog and writing too and hang out with little dude and do nothing but look at each other all day and play and i could cook too. But I really do want to write that novel. Yeah, but you never have time cause you do all these little writing gigs. Hmmm, what to do. The quandary's of life.*


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