Thursday, March 16, 2006

Good people of the world.

Since i complained yesterday of bad people, now today i'll say that there are some really really nice people out there. Case in point:

Yesterday, the previous owners of our house were in town. We had met them very briefly (they weren't even at the closing). We seriously met them for like 2 seconds one day at the house.

Well, yesterday my neighbor called and asked if i could come over for tea. She's older and i really like them but we don't spend time together so i thought that odd. I go over and the previous owner is there with a gift bag in hand. She bought my son the cutest little sleeper (and the right size) and a little blue easter bunny. I just thought it was the sweetest thing.

We all had a good time talking about books and movies and the world in general. We shared church/mosque stories, the Academy Awards, and i listened as they talked about the pending and wish-for weddings of their kids (i guess i should mention no guys were there so it was that relaxed conversation that only women have when with other women). It was the most pleasant afternoon i've had in a long time. I realize i really miss adult interaction like that.


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