Monday, March 13, 2006

Duas needed

These fires in Texas are right where my Dad and stepsiblings live. Last night houses, cows, and everything around were on fire. My stepbrother (an EMT and firefighter) said the cows were on fire and it was the craziest thing he's ever seen. My Dad last night ended up at the hospital after catching on fire. He is a volunteer firefighter in a small town there. My dad is the type of person to help anyone and he will risk his life to do it. I've seen him do random acts of kindness my whole life. Last night he went with a group to combat the blazes and stop friends and neighbors houses from catching fire. The wind changed and sent a huge flame over the firetruck and swirled around him burning him all over. He's got third degree burns all over his face, neck, chest, back and arm. The flames burned right through the protective gear and went up under his helmet. Please do duas for him. He struggles with a small business down there since the drought has really wrecked havoc on so many and will probably lose his business and everything he's worked his whole life for - including his house - because his line of work is of a physical nature. He also doesn't have insurance. Please do duas.


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