Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Pet Peeve People

1. Those people who think breastfeeding is "primitive".
2. Those people that think people that don't feed their children meat are basically abusing their children. I plan on feeding my kid meat but i
3. Those people that look at my son and say "mashAllah, he's so light. That's sooo good." Grrr. This one gets me. My son is very fair and his eyes are a very pretty blue - gray - green color. He basically looks like my husband but with my coloring. But why do they say it like that? Like white is better than dark. It's usually darker skinned people saying it. I just don't get it. I think dark skin is beautiful. Well to be honest, i think all skin is beautiful so there.
4. Those people that cut you off and tailgate you when it's obvious you have a baby in the car.
5. People who when you ask them how much something costs says something like "$23.99 or $2,400 or $219.99." I mean why not round up or down. Oh, wait, this is me. Yes, my DH brought this to my attention last night. We were watching something on Disney cruises and he said "How much do you think one would be?" I said, "2,400" and he said "Where do you come up with these numbers? You always come up with exact numbers." And was laughing at me. It's true. I do. He said "How did you come up with $2,400?" I said, "You asked me and that's how much i think one would be." I turned on the computer and looked it up. You know how much one would be? Yup, $2,399.99, or so. lol.
6. My Dad. I told him to rest and take it easy right now. When i couldn't reach yesterday or today i tried his shop just in case. Yes, he was at work! He said he couldn't do much but was doing what he could. I asked where he was yesterday. He said, "Well we finally got other firefighters from the surrounding areas here. They came to help and we wanted to make sure they were taken care of, had food, etc. He also helped directing traffic and everything. I said "you really shouldn't be out there doing that." You know what he said? "Only one arm is in a sling. The other one's okay and you only need one to direct traffic." The guy thinks he can save the world. But the man needs to rest!


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