Monday, September 28, 2009

I never showed you the feedsacks and the quilts!

As i was folding and finding a place for all my new vintage quilts i realized i never showed a picture. Here is the stack of feedsacks (and a tablecloth and miscellaneous linens) i found.... (and for those who didn't know what feedsacks were when i meantioned them...look here for a little history. I love the history of them as well as the sweet prints...all of the quilts here in these pictures except the bottom pick are feedsack quilts...feedsacks become insanely soft after washing and washing).


some a little closer up...


and a stack of aired out quilts. They are as cutty as cutters get but i love them all so much and can't wait to breathe new life into them.




I also got some beautiful tins. I seem to have a thing for tins lately. It's a good thing they are handy to have around because i keep running into insanely pretty ones...



This set of scores has kept me in the nest for over two weeks. Now with the vintage swap going on, i must get out on the hunt once again. Good thing the huge rummage sale is this weekend.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

School and sewing.

I actually got a little sewing done the last few days. Made little dude's pajamas, a felt crown for his birthday party, 2 pairs of pants cut and ready to be sewn and two pairs of pants cut and ready to be sewn for baby girl. And finally i braved the zipper.


I have been afraid to do a zipper forever but i did it, and without instructions which kind of screwed things up just a tad but now i know for next time. I like this pillow cover. I took an old sweater, cut it into a square, sewed and then put the zipper in. It needs a firmer pillow inside but i think it's cozy.


I'm able to sew because Little Dude is accepting school and i'm so happy for him. He still doesn't play with the other kids but i think school is a good thing for him. I see him changing a little already.

Every morning he still says he doesn't want to go and I don't blame him. I don't want to go either but I do think it will help him with his social skills. There's a huge part of me that wants to homeschool him and i think i would if he was more comfortable outside the home but he just hates leaving the house and i really want to help him be comfortable around other people and the only way to do that is to provide a safe and comfortable place for him to get the practice and to learn. I think his interests are so different too that it's hard for him to relate to kids. Kids are volatile and unpredictable. That's hard for him. He's also interested in older kid stuff (he's having us read 4th grade science books and encyclopedia's to him). That's his interest. And machinery and mechanical stuff. I tell you, i've learned so much about the world since having this boy in my life. He can tell you what's inside bugs, the walls etc. This is what he likes talking about and the poor kid can't find a kid his age to talk about this stuff to. I just hope he can make a few friends.

Maybe one day he'll actually want to leave the house to go to the playground or library. Maybe not. I do hope i'm doing the right thing for him. I think i am but as a parent we never know, do we.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Eid Mubarak!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009


Things are getting better. It was a really rough couple of weeks there but the storm is passing and Little Dude is doing better. He is even tolerating preschool which started this week, dare i say almost liking it even. What a relief. If he didn't take to it, i wasn't going to force it, i'd just keep him at home but this is better. It gives me time to do my Etsy/Ebay/thrifting stuff. I'm having a good spell that way.
Two weeks ago I remembered there was an estate sale of a quilter. A good quilter. I remembered a few hours into it and when we arrived people were scurrying out with the things i like...vintage tablecloths, quilts, jars of buttons etc. I figured it was pointless but made my way through up to the sewing room. I should say that we live in a nice part of New Jersey so these quilter's estate sales are a treasure trove because they always have the best supplies, machines, etc. We also live in somewhat of a farm area so I know there are feedsacks lurking around although I never once ran into any. Welllll, i found a room stacked with quilts. Quilts I'd love to buy but can't/won't shell out the money for. While the diggers were in there digging i went to the room next door for space and breathing room. Dragging two kids through a packed house with gobs of people is not fun so i found the quiet room and everything i bought that day came from that room except Little Dude's vintage train set. What I found is what I've been waiting for... piles of feed sacks. Lovely old feedsacks. I slowly built a pile not believing my luck. I went back the next day and bought a few cutter quilts. There's not much to salvage but i'm gonna find a way because these lovely soft feedsack quilts are just priceless in my eyes.
Well that was half the house and today the sale began for the rest of it. I again showed up late because LD did not want to leave the house. After some bribery we got there around noon. I didn't get much but what i did I'm very happy with. Two more beat up quilts, odds and ends buttons and knitting needles galore. Some of the tools in there i don't even know what they are. Something else from this sale...they were collectors and had lots of primitives which i'm not really into but some of it was dang cool like the wooden baby walker from the early 1900's. Amazing contraption that was. Looked a little dangerous for little Johnny but it was adorable. I should have taken a picture but with Baby Girl poised on one hip and LD at my side, there's no time for that kind of stuff. It was so cool though. I didn't realize they had baby walkers in the early 1900's.
You should see me around a bit more. Once i get Etsy updated with some items and Ebay listings done.

I'll post more pictures soon (some are already in flickr) but this is my absolute favorite find.


It's a very very old book and you can barely open the book but this cover.........this cover just won me right over. I think i'll put it on some pretty scrapbook paper with the book in a 12 x 12 3 dimensional frame for baby girl's room. I just think it's adorable. Here's a little closer up...


I don't want to alter the book because it's obviously an antique. The cover is almost woodlike. Just adorable though isn't it?

The old quilts are a close second...i'll have to take some pictures of the others. They are truly beat up cutters though.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Embarassing moment of the day...

Walking to the playground Little Dude excitedly yells out "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Look what I found!"

I'm praying with all my might he's talking about a tree, or the tennis court, or anything.........but indeed, he's talking about what I was afraid he was talking about.

"Look Mommy, it's an Indian!!!!"

LOL.LOL.LOL. Like he's never seen one before. OMG, embarassment. It was a stone cold auntie and she gave no expression so I'm hoping she didn't quite get what he was saying because everyone within 500 feet heard him.

And two minutes later (two quiet minutes later- an oddity) he looks at me with seriousness and says "Mommy, we're Muslims right?"

God I love this kid. He's a wild card and you never know what you'll get from minute to minute but sometimes he just makes you laugh. And so much of what he says is so out of the blue that it stops you in your tracks.