Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Homeland security

My husband is getting driven crazy by homeland security right now...more so than usual ;-). He needs one of his employees or contract consultants...i don't know which, in Puerto Rico right now and the guy can't get through INS because his offer letter wasn't accepted by the agent since his paperwork has the title as one thing and in the letter it's another (very minor difference though). The guy is a Canadian (white/non-Muslim).

It's so ironic though because my husband is on the "persons of interest" list because he crossed the border in Mexico one too many times in a day (he used to have to travel to Mexico often but would stay in AZ and cross over daily, or more, if they went out to eat over the border) and they put him on the persons of interest list. He no longer goes to Mexico. Anyway, so now they need my husband, a person of interest, to write a letter to get this guy approval. They need a person on the persons of interest list to vouge for this other guy. How ironic is that?


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