Sunday, July 29, 2007

Home sweet home

Finally our house is in working order. Still have lots to do but it's feeling like home. It's been a hard adjustment for the little one and he's not having an easy time with the change...hence my lack of communication (sorry that i still haven't responded to emails etc...i promise soon). I've been spending extra time with him and just trying to make him feel comfy. I still don't have internet either. I can get a signal every now and then but for the most part can't get online yet. I just don't know who offers wireless service around here. This house isn't even wired for cable - it's all satellite. Need to talk to the neighbors and find out.

I've also found the lovely craft of embroidery and have been relaxing with it at night. I thought embroidery was for old ladies but it's a blast. I got some patterns from Sublime Stitching a few weeks ago and finally sat down and embroidered. So much fun! I'll post pictures soon insh'Allah. LD even helped. I put the needle through and he'd pull it out. He's not the kind of kid who sits but he sat and had a blast helping. I know...bad momma for letting him play with needles but i would hold the thread underneath so he couldn't yank it and hurt himself.

Oh yeah. And get this. I never ever win anything, ever and on most days lately it seems like I'm running against the wind but I walked into AC Moore the other day and saw a lady crossstitching...another thing i tried recently when we were staying in the hotel and i got to talking to her and then filled out a contest form for a drawing which i assumed would take place later but didn't even give any thought to and then walked into the store. I got to my aisle and then heard my name over the loudspeaker - my presense was requested and i won an awesome gift basket full of fun stuff for kids. It's not age appropriate for my guy but next summer it will be. Too cool. I never ever win anything. Then get this. I was hurrying through the crazy filled store (some sort of craft bazarre going on) and got my things. I picked up the pattern i brought with me and a coupon fell off. I have no idea where it came from but it came in most handy. I have a lot of baby presents to make lately.

Okay enough blabbing. I've got to get back to work. Need to build the toddler bought we just bought and unpack the boxes in my office/craft room. Isn't it cool that I have one of those now?!? Excited about that ya'll. Can I still say ya'll now that I'm in the North?


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