Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rice Flea Market - New Hope, PA

rice flea market finds

So we made it to Rice Flea Market last weekend after all. The birthday party was cancelled. It wasn't worth it though. Overpriced junk is just junk that is overpriced. Weird how they think they can sell it. I did pick up a few things though so it wasn't a total bust.

I got a vintage tea towel (new with tag). Love that old linen and those colors suit my kitchen. A vintage embroidered pillowcase which will become a bag or other repurposed thing or be sent to my mother. It's quite beautiful. Also an embroidered table runner. Also doomed to be repurposed. The vintage knitting spool was made in W. Germany. Debating on whether to list it on ebay/etsy or let the kid learn to knit on it. Probably the latter. The paint is peeling a little on the face but it's still very cute. The picture is bad because my flash hasn't been working the past two weeks. It's not as rough in real life as it is in the pic.

Those two bottles of sauce rock. Delish. She had a tasting station. Yum. We also got some fresh baked Italian goods I forgot to put in the picture. In the brown paper bag is Baby Girl's prized purchase...homemade Italian style pretzels - boy did she love knawing on that throughout. You should have seen my shirt after (because she of course had to be held by mommy throughout the market). I still can't believe the things i let her do. Chewing on all kinds of breads, pretzels, pizza crust. I didn't give that junk to Little Dude until he was nearly two. The corn husks came from a Mexican shop in New Hope (lovely little town). I've been looking for these FOREVER to make homemade tamales.

I can't wait to go back to New Hope in the fall when it's not so hot and we can actually slowly walk the streets instead of trying to keep Baby Girl out of the sun.


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