Wednesday, August 12, 2009

gotta love the 60's

I found this book a year ago at a rummage sale. I love the pictures and the price but never took the time to go through it. I finally did and it's got a wealth of information in it and written in a groovy style. :-)

Look at that cover...

60's sewing book

and chapter 1...


chapter 3. Look at those bolts of fabric. And that purse.


Don't you love the rick rack at the cuff of those pants? I'm so doing that to a pair of Baby Girls. I'll skip the fringe part though. Ick.


back cover...


And how groovy is the fabric underneath... Peter Pan fabric. I sold a yard of this last year because i didn't know what to do with it but i kept a yard for myself because i love the funkiness of it. I'm glad i did because it's going to become a part of many soon to appear projects...robot...knee patches...etc.

Peace love and hair grease!


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