Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A good thrifting day.

I was heading home from a hectic morning out with the kids. Library visits, park, etc etc. On the way home i saw a sign on a church board advertising a garage sale. It looked desolate but i drove around to the back and there were a few cars there but each one was carting away boxes of stuff. Lots of stuff. Good stuff. I drug the tired kids out and headed in. What a treasure trove. Part of me is glad i missed the opening part because i would have been like one lady, filling my car to the gills. On the other hand i know i missed the things i truly enjoy finding. Vintage linens, quilts etc. Here is what i came home with regardless. More detailed pictures to follow. Guess how much i paid for this pile o'junk... that Joovy Red Caboose Stroller included.




The only thing my husband was truly happy i came home with. We have a double stroller, a travel system and a strollee and use them all but it seems like my car always has three strollers in it and it gets tiresome. This works for both kids - stand on and sit for LD, the front is for BG and that tray comes off and an attachment slides on if you want to use it for the baby car seat. LOVE this. And to think i walked right past it at first. This stroller works for everything and now i only need one in the car unless we are going someplace both kids may fall asleep or need more resting. They do love to hold hands in the side by side double but now at least i don't have to worry about lugging two strollers while out if LD is in a tired mood. It's not in perfect condition but it's good enough.



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