Sunday, April 13, 2008


Spring jacket!
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Sometimes when i sew things i'm like "Eh, it's okay" but these are two of my recent favorite things.... a spring jacket for LD. I can't believe i finally got a pattern right and now i feel more confident about them because a lined jacket isn't exactly the easiest thing to make. I can tell you i never figured out how to do the sleeve edges so i just cheated and topstiched them. It's weird turning right side out. Any tips? It looks fine like this but i'd like to know for next time.

which buttons?
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And these shorts.

skater shorts
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LD loves skateboarders. He's always pretending to be one. When the little ironing board is out he's on there skating. Shen there's anything oblong he says "skateboard momma, skateboard!" I don't like skateboards. When i was in the hospital a few months ago for those kidney stones, there was a teenage kid in there with a face that was half missing, many broken bones and scrapes all from a skateboard accident. He was a big mess. I said then, no skateboards for my kid. Sigh. Anyway, i made him these cool kids skater shorts. Used vintage corduroy (color is better in person) - i couldn't for the life of me figure out what to use that fabric for. I got it in a packet with some other pieces at last fall's rummage sale. I was going to use the volkswagon bus fabric with it, but i thought this gave it a better vintage feel.

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I didn't finish the bottoms because i want them to be a little "grunge". He loves them! Wouldn't take them off and started crying lol.

I can't wait to do more patterns now!


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