Thursday, April 10, 2008


I cannot believe it. The sun was out, jackets were left in the car and LD refused to get back in every time we stopped. I needed to drop off some stuff at the thrift store - they are only open on thursdays and i had my car full of boxes for them. He wanted to go in and then he wanted to climb a tree (?). He doesn't know how to climb a tree, nor is he big enough lol. He wants to be like Max i guess. That's his hero. Max the mischief maker (from Max and Ruby). Then he wanted to collect acorns, and play with sticks and jump in the leaves and have a leaf fight (which i was all for because let's face it, i'm taller and that means i win). I couldn't get him in the car there or at the library because he was so excited to be outside. Like this was going to be his only chance and he had to take full pleasure. Now his nap will be cut short because i need to go to the dentist and he's going with me. Root canal ickiness. Never had one but not looking forward to it. But one thing is making me feel better. Spring is here! The trees are budding, grass is starting to turn green daffodils have popped up. I've got to find a picnic basket and quick so we can start getting outdoors all day every day. Love that. House doesn't get messy, kid is occupied by natural things (no tv, no toys), mom gets fresh air and fresh perspective, we both get exercise and so many other positive things from the warm months. Fun fun fun.


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