Thursday, April 10, 2008

No mommy! cut the fabics!

Conversation this morning while cutting the fabric for this quilt. Him choosing the ones and counting the pieces for me and me marking and cutting. (And him scattering them all over the room and driving his trains through them.)

Me: Come on, let's go to the library for storytime.
LD: No Mommy, cut the fabics (there is no r).
Me: Don't you want to go see the kids?
LD: No Mommy! Cut the fabics. Cut the fabics!
Me: You'd rather cut fabric than see the kids?
LD: Yes Mommy. No kids. Cut the fabics! Come on mommy. Cut the fabics.

LOL. What two year old would rather cut fabric with his mommy for a quilt than go to the library for storytime (and to wreck havic). Story time is a little crazy. Halfway through the first book, one kid will get off his mat and then another follows and then the whole system crumbles. Guess who is the one that brings the system down? Yes, my kid. He's ALWAYS the second one which is the one that brings everything down. The poor librarian who is new to children's storytime tries so hard. I feel for her and always try to keep his legs crossed to make it harder for him to get up and easier for me to plop him back down, but once anarchy takes over, there's nothing i can do. It's quite funny really.

Same thing happens at preschool. The way the teacher describes the breakdown makes me laugh. LD will instigate Joey, the other bored and physical kid, to join him in his plan and between the two they get the whole thing broken down. If you know Montessori schools, they like order and LD dislikes order. And he's bored there. Once he figures things out, he loses interest. I'd like to think that i'm raising my child wrong for him to constantly bring down the system but you know, i'm sort of proud. I'd rather have a reformist than a conformist.


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