Tuesday, April 01, 2008

How i began my day....

Every day i wake up at 5. When i go back to bed LD wakes up and snuggles over and grabs a hand full of my hair. Of course i never can fall back asleep as he strangles me so my lack of being able to fall back asleep eventually wakes him up completely. Well today i crawled back in quietly and just as i was about to fall asleep this is what i got.

YELLING "Whas the moose? Cocka oink oink! Make the SOUND of moose ma, amiiiii! Where's the moose (in an even higher tone)?" (he has a stuffed moose)

I don't know what SOUND a moose makes! And check out the use of ammi here. You see, he knows if he calls me daddy he gets 50% of my attention, if he calls me mommy it moves up to 75%, but if he calls me ammi, my heart melts and he gets 100% of my attention. Wise boy knows how to use manipulation.

Scared me half to death! So loud. I don't know how this kid wakes up raring to go so quickly every morning. This was louder than usual but he always gets up with a jolt. He goes to bed around 10 and wakes up at 5. It just isn't normal! The cocka oink oink is from a book. If you haven't read "Cock a Moo Moo" you are really missing out. It's one of his top ten favorite books.

I'm happy to report the tyke is back at school for a couple mornings a week so i just cut 8 smocks and will begin sewing this afternoon when he is sleeping (IF). Expect them by the end of the week!


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