Saturday, March 15, 2008

Learning to sew sewalong.

For the sew along. Only two people are interested but that's okay. I know more of you say you want to sew too so what i'm going to do is this. Weekly i'll list a project and at the end of the week, if you did it, you post a pic. I'm glad the two of you (gulnari and ummadam) signed up. For your support i want to send you a little surprise and starter gift. Send me your addy's please!

Okay, so for the first project let's do a very simple, fast but cute project. Tissue holders. Here are a few tutorial's for it.

Craftapalooza has one.

Here's one for a little different style.

Here's one that has a printable pattern.

Here's a whole bunch to give you ideas...

You don't need much for these. I have made several and find that it's kind of fun to make a bunch at once. All you need is some scraps and some trim if you want to use it.

Make it, post it and we'll have a new project next week. This week i'll get a flikr group together and update here with the addy. Have fun!


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