Saturday, March 08, 2008


I'm not opening it up this weekend after all. I just haven't been able to sew! I think i'll finish up all my ebay listings and shipments - i've seriously decluttered and have a ton listed, sold and ready to list. Then i need to actually get my pay it forward packages into the mail. I finally got them all done and now I can't wait to see what Surviving sends me! She's so talented. I need to finish up a book review too and get my Amazon bookstore organized too. I want to go through and take everything that's not selling fast to the thrift store. Spring cleaning in March. I'm hoping that'll bring Spring a little faster! Sooooo, it looks like two weekends from now i'll open it. I will be opening it this weekend but it's only for crafty related products that i want to declutter and don't want to list on ebay. Ebay can be a real headache sometimes. People on there can be so obnoxious! You can run into really nice people too though like i did this week. I have so much going on these days and have a few presents to get together too and then the inlaws will be coming for a month or so. I want the store up and running and everything decluttered and presents made by then. My boy's quilt is itching for my stitching too!


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