Thursday, February 28, 2008

highs and lows

It's been a rough couple of weeks for me. Not going to go into the what's but there have been some real high moments and some real low ones. God doesn't give us more than we can handle though right? I can say right now i'm filled up to the brim with what i can handle. Sadness.

Anyway, don't have anything too substantial to say and am actually thinking of ending this here blog. Thinking, not doing. yet. I just don't have anything interesting to say and it seems people aren't interested in what i have to say (i know there are the few of you who do but that just means you get more emails from me instead :-)

Today should be a good day. I heard about an estate sale in Princeton, about an hour from us, from a very very wealthy couple. She quilted and sewed and has two rooms full of fabric and a top of the line Bernina. This machine is selling on Ebay right now for about $1,000. There's one on there now at $912 with 3 days left. They won't tell you prices ahead of time but LD and i are going to head over first thing this morning before hitting story time. Long drive but I'm a hoping and a praying that the machine is selling for a decent price because it's an excellent machine for quilting. I'm also hoping there's a few pieces of fabric with my name on them.

I had a good thrifting day yesterday. I found this huge clean ginormous good priced thrift store and couldn't even make it through it but found a few great pieces of Japanese China and a Japanese hand painted teapot. I also got a few brand new Vera linen napkins. The ladybug ones. Very nice ones. I'm going to sell one set on Ebay and keep the other. Also a radio flyer tricycle for $3. Brand new without any scratches. He has a big one we just got him for Eid with the handle and everything but this one is small and he can ride it around the house for practice. I'm hoping today is like yesterday and the deals are a plenty. I love the hunt. It's just fun. I don't mind paying good money for good things but there's something very satisfying with finding a treasure amongst non treasures and the fact that the money goes to charity instead of China is also alluring.
Watch the story of stuff. Eye opening of how much our consumerism hurts our planet. Go thrift stores!


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