Sunday, February 10, 2008

talking weather with a 2 year old

LD: Wassthaaaaat???
Me: It's the wind honey.
LD: Look. Look. Look! The sky is broken. Leaves upsidedown.
Me: It's okay honey, it's just the wind. The wind is really strong today. It's a little scary isn't it?
LD: Need a screwdriver and fix the sky.
Me: You need a screwdriver?
LD: Yeah! Fix the sky. Sky is broken. Moon fall down. Uh oh. (points to sky). Look, moon fall down.

LD hands me the remote.

LD: Need to watch the news. Sky fall down.

I turn on the tv. It's on the news already. Obama is giving a speech and people clap. LD claps (lol) and says "come on" (clap too). Ah, to have the beautiful mind of a two year old.



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