Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Last week around 3 a.m. I was jolted awake from a dead sleep by a very strange sound. It was a distinct sound. Strangely enough I didn't get up and look out the window because 1. I already knew what it was and 2. I knew it was already gone because i heard it leave very fast - speed of light fast. I lay there a while afraid to wake LD (sleeps with me) and amazed at the same time that he didn't hear it because it was so intense and he's as light a sleeper as i am. When my husband got up in the morning I told him what I heard.

Me: You are going to call me crazy and if i didn't hear it myself i would call me crazy but last night i woke up from the craziest sound. There was a woooooosh and then it came to a complete stop about three blocks away, sat for the slightest second and then went away very fast. It was a very distinct sound.

DH: What do you think it was?

I look at him with a look of "i don't really want to tell you because you'll say i'm crazy".

Me: a ufo. It is exactly what a ufo would sound like. It was super fast and rather quiet but it was so low above the house and when it stopped it came to such a fast complete stop that's what i heard and then it was gone again in seconds. You know i don't think about this stuff but i know exactly what it was.

Tears of fear/unknown start to well in my eyes because when i get frightened or chilled by something that happens. They don't fall they just well up. I've always been a little afraid of the unknown. It's why I have such a fear of God. The biggest unknown.

Anyway, i let it go but still knew what i heard. Flash to the news Friday night. Yeah i know they say the ships are silent but that's because they are big ones and also moving. This was small. I could tell. Call me crazy but it was right around the same time they are reporting about. Freaky! When hubby said that too i said without pause "well it's because they abducted somebody." Okay, laugh now cause i would but seriously i never really gave this stuff much thought before so it's not like it's on my mind but what i heard sounded exactly like a ufo then taking someone up and back down and then zooming off. The only real sound i heard was that whole up and down sound. Very strange though.

I've never really been a skeptic so to say because spaceships have been described in the Bible and the Qur'an also says there is life beyond this universe. But I don't necessarily believe so much in them either. Until now.


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