Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Quilt #1 - finished!

Quilt #1 - finished!
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It's done! I needed binding and then got that, then i needed thread to match and had to wait another few days to get that and then today with LD feeling a little out of it wanted to watch cartoons so i snuck upstairs for 20 minutes and got the binding on. He came up to see what i was doing just as i finished and he took the quilt.

Here it is! It's just a lap size for the couch. That's his hand saying he wants to watch Little Einsteins - his cartoon of choice. Mine too. :-)

He says it's his lol and wants me to make another one. But since it got done this afternoon it hasn't left his hands except when he was "doing dishes". He's at a very dangerous age and the other day he pushed a chair over to the stove and was stirring a hot pot of curry. OMG! I so panicked. It was like talking someone down from a ledge without them getting hurt and thank God i succeeded but now i can never leave the stove going which sucks because curries take hours to cook and i can't leave him for a second. He loves "cooking" and helping me to cook. It's his favorite thing. If i'm cooking he has to help and screams and cries if i don't let him. A chef in the making i think. So now i put him on a chair next to the sink with a few clean dishes, a measuring cup and the water turned on to a good temp and let him wash dishes. It takes a while and keeps him occupied. Anybody else's kid like this???

Anyyyyway, he went back to the quilt and hasn't left him. He doesn't normally sit around either but now with the quilt he likes to. So cute!

I can't wait to wash and dry the quilt now and see how it puckers. I didn't dry the fabric before so it would pucker because i like that look. That's the next and final step but will wait a week or so until it's been drug all around by those cute little hands.


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