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Sometimes I'm amazed at how generous my friends can be. Like this here. It came from someone I never met but I know her. And she knows me. And one day I hope we can meet in real life because i adore her.

It's funny because I never really knew generosity in life and then I met Muslimah's. When I first went to the mosque it was such a good experience. My second visit there i was handed a book here, a scarf there and invitations to homes and what not. I realize part of this was because i was a novelty at the time and was also single. But still, i had never been treated like that before. It was always work to meet people and in a way it has always been work since then (at the mosque especially). I guess I'm no longer a novelty. :-)

I remember my newly reaquainted friend Leila passing books on to me as well as a bag full of scarves the week after i first visited the mosque and became Muslim. Masooma too, when i went to visit her for the first time, dug through her closet and gave me a box full of scarves, abayas, kurtas etc. Funny these two are who i entered blogland knowing, although i think Masooma and I started at the same time because of Leila.

My blog friends and friends I've met through my comment box have proven to be some of the best friends I've had. Not because they give me things but because every time they blog or comment on my blog they give a piece of themselves and for that I'm forever grateful. And for those who I've met or know in real life, i get to know them in two places and see two different sides of them which is a lot of fun. I have met 6 or so in person and hope to meet the remaining few that I feel that personal connection with insh'Allah in real life.

Thank you dear friend for this lovely surprise you sent me. There's something apple-y in the works already! What perfect fabric choices for my apple loving son and self. Everything in that package was chosen just right for us. Thank you for thinking of us!


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