Tuesday, December 18, 2007

can i get an alhamdulillah?

I finished the quilt top! Hubby put LD to sleep and fell asleep himself. Snoring competition bigtime. Sigh. ANYWAY, I got the quilt top done. My back feels like it's broken. I have never sewed anything that big or used a whole spool of thread and three refilled bobbins of thread on one project - and one that is only a quarter of the way done. Whenever i see quilt tops that haven't yet been quilted listed on ebay i always wondered why didn't they quilt it? It's so pretty. Why do all that work and not finish it? Sometimes an old lady will have 5 unfinished ones. How??? Now i know. Because it's backbreaking, eyebending, exhausting work. And that's just the quilt top...apparently, the easy part. I'm scared to death of the quilting part because a) my machine sucks b) i don't have a long arm and i don't think it's gonna fit c) i'm scared to death i'm gonna screw it up and all that previous work is gone d) it's gonnna take foooorever i just know it.

It sure ain't perfect but i love it anyway. While sewing it i was thinking about where this quilt will end up. Will it end up at my estate sale? Will it end up under a table at a rummage sale? Will my kids want it or will they forget that it was my first one, that even though i've sewn many more, that was the first one i made. Will they care? It sure will be sad if it ends up at my estate sale and somebody like me comes along and buys it to finish. Or does it? It's just a thing right? A thing only has meaning if you give it to it right? A quilt is just a quilt. Are you kidding me? This thing has meaning and i'm going to wear it out just so it can't live past this family dang it. It's beautiful. I was smart to choose fall colors because really, how bad can it look being fall colors? I know one thing, this quilt will get finished, it will not go to the quilt-top-never-to-be-finished graveyard. I can't wait. Well except for the basting, the quilting and the binding part. I'll take a picture tomorrow.


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