Tuesday, December 04, 2007

no more distractions

I originally wanted to learn to sew and open a store so i could sell cool Muslim items because there's not much out there for us. We are left off the calendars. Stores stock eid cards at christmas time. Nothing is marketed to Muslims and i'm tired of it. I want my house decorated for Eid and for our holidays to be special at home. I also want my kid to have Muslim things.

I've been a bit distracted from my original plan but that's changing today. I have some original ideas for things i want to make and sell. I'm working on a few right now. I am keeping it quiet until i open the store but i want to know from you...what types of things would you like to buy geared that way? I'm talking things you can't get anywhere else. I know something i've dreamed of making is a quilt with a mosque and minaret with a night scene and a moon and star. The five prayers mentioned around it etc. I can see it and i want it but i can't buy it anywhere. What would you like for yourself or your children that you can't buy? Please share it with me.

I would also like it if some other crafty sisters wanted to get involved. We could work out details later. But a commitment to make something for the shop. I know things i'm definately making are eid decorations and project kits for kids, hijabs (i'd like someone to do hijab pins), prayer shawls will be there, totes with favorite hadith and islamic themes. I wanted to do blocks for kids (like a is for asr, b is for bilal, etc and keep it very mainstream not sect oriented). Stuff like that...


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