Tuesday, November 27, 2007


This blogging every day thing is making me boring isn't it?

I spent naptime felting wool scarves. After unsuccessfully finding sweaters to felt, I ordered some 100% wool vintage scarves made in Japan off Ebay. 8 of exactly the same scarves but different colors.

I felted one alone to see how it would turn out...i have a front loader so i had to wait and see. It turned out perfect. So then i did the other 7 at one time. Strange, every single one turned out a different size but now i have felt. Hot diggity dog.

I am into felt and fabric these days with embroidery tossed in - all on the same project. Fun. Working on special projects for special people that i can't show until they are in the hands of the beholders which is probably still a few weeks out.

I give up on doing the store thing right now. Too much pressure and it just isn't going to happen for a few months i think but ideas are running through my head.

I have a book review with a deadline of last week. It's editing stages today and yesterday and probably tomorrow. I can only work on it when LD is sleeping so it's slow going and I tend to work on one draft per day and not spend more than an hour a half to two hours at a time or i go buggy and ruin it with overanalysis. I usually do this for 4 or 5 days but i have to send it in tomorrow so i better get in gear and do draft 4 tonight. Sigh. I hate writing at night. I used to love it and would only write at night but since that boy wakes me up so dang early i'm neither a morning person nor a night person and i'm not even really a writing person anymore...i'm at his heiness's beck and call. Ah, to be human again... My husband keeps bugging me to get back at the writing but i just can't. When kids are in school and i have more time i'll work on a novel, until then it's my hands i like working with, it's quick and satifying and it warms my soul through and through...kinda like tea on a rainy day or hot chocolate on a snowy day. It heals, it mends, it functions, it's fun.


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