Saturday, November 24, 2007

I heart Japan and a regret

I don't try not to regret my life choices but there's a few that eat away at me. One is at the end of college, a friend of mine and his girlfriend were going to Japan to teach English for a year and told me I should go too. I really wanted to but I was afraid to quit my job, go to a country where I would be suddenly, not only tall - but bohemith, and where i didn't understand the language at all. I was also reticent to go to a land where Hello Kitty and the teenage style sort of freaked me out. I regret this decision. Years later, I would read a book that would make me fall in love with Japan and it's seemingly simple but visually aesthetic way of life. What makes it worse is that my husband went to Japan for an extended trip/class during college and I have heard stories and seen pictures.

I dream to go. I long to go. And since I've started crafting, the urge is stronger. I got a package today from Japan and I believe I smelled the items to take in Japan for just a moment. I'll share a picture of the lovliness later or tomorrow. I do believe this is the beginning of another obsession...and one of many future orders from Japan.

I felt like spoiling myself a little because I just sold a lot of stuff on Ebay and Amazon and I've been wanting this book for a long time. Next time fabric will probably be involved. Ah, what is my first obsession? I've been slowly building a collection of feedsack material. I love the prints - they sort of remind me of Japanese prints. Last week I sold a piece of my vintage material to someone in Japan. Funny...


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