Saturday, November 17, 2007


I am pretty sure I have ADD. I always wonder why I don't accomplish anything I set out to do but get done pretty much everything that I don't need to do and it's because i get distracted. I surprisingly make all my deadlines albeit, on the night before usually. It's really bad. Crafting ADD is the worst. I have such a short amount of time per day to get stuff done that I find myself making something, anything, in that short naptime that I can that i never get to the bigger projects that i really want to do. I got a book about ADD but I never remember to read it because I'm too busy being distracted. :-0

I see these people who do all these amazing big projects...and i sigh because over here it looks like I get a lot done but I don't. I have a basket of socks that have needed sorting for over 2 weeks. Poor husband has to get all his out and fold them himself...i just don't finish things because i have too many interests and my head goes in a thousand directions. Is it a momma thing or do i really have ADD?


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