Thursday, November 15, 2007

internet love

I know i shouldn't love inanimate objects but really...the internet provides all earthly wants doesn't it.

Some provisions from the internet today:

1. lovely food and recipes. I tried Pioneer Woman's "Chicken Spaghetti" and I don't typically like cream of mushroom soup casseroles and i can't say i've ever used a seasoned un-american of me!...but this was pretty darn good. I used the 1/4 teaspoon of chili and it was the perfect amount - LD went to bed before it was done so he get leftovers last night but he enjoyed this as leftovers today. We ate together today at his mini table and had a lovely discussion about the coolness of trucks. The kid actually says "cool" when he thinks something is neat. What kind of parent am i?

2. Lovely vintage fabric and vintage books...all from the mail via ebay today. Did you notice the Lois Lenski first edition? All these lovely old books for a penny, plus shipping. And a free video was sent too!

3. Awesome crafting tutorials .


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