Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Can you tell i love fall?

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Fall really is my favorite season. We have about 15 books from the library focused on fall. It's such a wonderful season to me and the only one i get excited about although spring feels good when the buds come on the trees, animals come out from hibernation, people too, summer is fun with outdoor activities and i love the first snow (excited about seeing snow after 3 years of not having any!). Fall still is the season that grabs ahold of my soul and i seriously cherish every day of it. This is my first real applique. I love it. I put it on LD's school bag. They wrote his name in big black letters and it was just too bland for me. I had to put it at the top because of that but i really love this apple. It's made out of feedsack material and makes me smile whenever i see it hanging near our doorway. After "school" we find natural things to put in the bag. Such joy those two mornings are when we are so in tune with each other.


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