Monday, November 05, 2007

Our messy table....

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makes me feel warm and fuzzy. It's simple, it's fall, and I like this little spot. Apparantly, i'm not the only one...

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And he did stop to smell the roses... Funny what i catch him doing when he thinks i'm not looking. He's a climber too. I really have to watch him because he climbs everything with absolutely no fear.

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And I think i forgot to post our pumpkins this year. The one on the left is the pumpkin that someone carved. I did a quick rendition of the cow jumping over the moon for LD. It literally took 2 minutes so if you don't think it looks like a cow jumping over the moon, that's why. And the little one, also a 2 minute carving, i have no idea what it is....asian man?

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How's that for a late Halloween fall post. I've been so sick. LD picked something up at "school", got sick, stayed home on my "mommy day" and promptly got me sick for the weekend and today is the worst of it.


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