Friday, November 02, 2007

keeping a little neck warm...

I love scarves and have been known to wear them indoors. I was cutting up a chenille blanket when LD woke up, traipsed over my mess careful not to fall eyeing something. He grabbed a scrap of the chenille and said "i waaaant. I wannnnt." So I made this for him with that scrap.

I love this fabric. Another remnant table find. Since I'm new to sewing I don't want to spend a lot on fabric in case i screw up, but i love the nicer fabrics and prints. The remnant table is a way for me to accomplish both. I might make myself a one of these chenille backed ones. I wear this one already quite a bit when he doesn't want to wear it. First i must make him a belt because he's going through pants - waists are always too big if the pants fit in length. I need longer nap times. He's home sick today which took my precious 3 hours of me time (errand running time) but we're having a good day. I nursed him back to health with chamomile tea (which he promptly put his yogurt into), chocolate chip pancakes, yogurt with blurberries. This afternoon i'll make him chicken soup and he should be ready to conquer the masses again.

I've been wanting to make my pay it forward items but am brain dead on what to make. Do you guys feel like giving me a hint at least in direction of color, item...some clue. I am coming up blank!


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