Sunday, October 21, 2007

introducing le petite prince!

le petite prince!
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So here it is in it's imperfect glory - i'll post a picture of the complete outfit later. This robe was my challenge - the rest is easy. I love the way it turned out, mostly because i have no experience with clothing except shapeless pajama bottoms that are easy to make. It's based on the French book Le Petite Prince.

I did this with no pattern and no knowledge. The sleeves are way too long because short and simple i screwed up and forgot my plan. It'll be an easy fix though because the sleeves are the only place i didn't put lining so instead of undoing everything on the sleeves again i'll just add lining to the top and bottom. The sleeves were hard to figure out. I didn't realize you had to stitch the cuffs on last. That the shoulders come first. I stitche the arms and thought i could just attach them and the cuffs but quickly realized that's not the way it works. I'm really glad i did this. I was so intimidated at first but since i found the perfect fabric on the remnant table (when does that happen???) for 99 cents a yard i figured i could screw up and just lose time (worth much more than the cloth though right?). Funny i went into the shop looking for shiny satiny fabric (on ebay too) but was only finding expensive stuff which probably would have been harder to sew although this slippery slinky material was not easy to work with at first either. Anyway, long story short, i feel confident enough to retry clothing. Whenever i attempt a pattern it gets screwed up. The pajama pants i made for me could fit three of me in them. I just don't get along with patterns. I do better looking at something and deconstructing then reconstructing. Lately i look at clothing like that...i see how it was made. Pretty cool and weird too. But now i'm going to try a pattern and throw my common sense in there and see what comes out. Probably won't be able to do it until after the holidays though because i have presents to make.


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