Monday, October 08, 2007

Some days just aren't meant for blogging.

I was going to post about going to the farm this weekend and the plenty we came home with and then i didn't want to because me and the little dude have been in a big brawl today. He finally crashed. Thank God. I hope he wakes up in a better mood. If not it's ice cream and cartoons for the rest of the day because i just can't deal anymore today. Anyway, so then i wrote a nice post about my first quilt and how much i love fall etc etc and then i decided to go to my flickr picture and post from there the picture of my quilt in progress, so i cut what i wrote to paste over there. In the meantime I got distracted and copied something else. It was gone. Things just aren't going right today. Sigh. I haven't sewn in so long. I'm going to go decompress and sew something simple just to clear my head. Hopefully it won't be a disaster too. Happy Monday.


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