Sunday, September 09, 2007

Perfect weekend

This was what i would basically call a perfect weekend.

Saturday - Low key barbeque and birthday party for my little dude. Great company, good food and lots of fun. It was a great day. Us girls even headed up to the sewing room to sew some pajamas at the end. I met a dear friend who i've known virtually for a long time although neither of us remembers exactly how. Strangely, we have friends in common and her husband is related to my husband distantly - i forget just how. Anyhooo, it was lovely meeting her and i can't wait till the next visit. It's not often i meet people i have a lot in common with so when i do i keep em forever. You have to. An arsenal of a few good friends is so much better than tons of mediocre ones. Gotta love the web for linking people up like this.

Then, after the fun and the party ended i got out the bag of quilt squares i got on Ebay. Vintage quilt squares from an estate farm sale in Iowa or something. I knew there would be treasures in there even though the picture just showed six stacks of squares. So i started going through them seperating them by color. What sheer joy - the old vintage prints, the not knowing what you had, the surprise feedsack squares, the knowledge that a woman many years my senior painstakingly cut and collected these and made quilts of her own.

But i didn't get to finish. After all there are 1,500 of them.

Sunday - LD slept in a little (what a joy to sleep until 8!) because he skipped his nap and stayed up way late. Maybe i'll try that more often lol. He was sort of a zombie at the party towards the end though.

Anyway, got up, ate desi style eggs and headed out to the farm which is down the street from us and went apple picking. Now my little dude loves apples and farms and tractors but he's never been up close before. You should have seen him running for the barn. I have never seen the kid run so fast and he's a fast little bugger. People are amazed at his speed but today was something to see. He ran through the whole row of apples down to where the barn was without stopping or looking back. Too funny. We picked a basket of apples, tasting some on the way - the farm lady told us to, and checked out the farm equipment.

Next we headed to the next farm a little bit more down the road but LD fell fast asleep half eaten apple in his hands. So cute. We still stopped and got fresh produce and fresh farm eggs. Wow, i don't think i'll be going to the grocery store much anymore. Why bother? My kid can enjoy the farm while i shop or if he's asleep i can shop without waking him because parking is right there in front of the barn. Man o man i love New Jersey. This is living i tell ya. After that we came home

and i finished going through the quilt squares while the boys slept. I found some great farm themed squares in there and am going to make him something farm themed to commemorate this big day and the rest of the fall weekends because this is something we are going to do often.

Next up today... leftover chicken tikka, salad and cake. Yummmmmmm! And my mom arrives tomorrow. Looking forward to some special days spent with her.


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