Sunday, August 26, 2007


I have come to love sewing. It's so - what's the word - flip dictionary where are you? - rewarding? No, satisfying. No, it's more than satisfying. I don't know. It's fun, productive, useful, sentimental in a way (i love doing things my great grandmother who i never knew might of links women together throughout history. I love that. I guess that's what i was looking for. The feminist movement was nice and all. But women have proved themselves in the man's world. And that's nice and dandy because open doors and paychecks are always good but it's also a good feeling to do what women were doing hundreds of years ago. It makes me feel good and it feeds my soul. And it's useful. Okay, mushy soapbox speech over!

Today i hated sewing. I was doing my first tote bag for the little man and i had to tear out the top seam 8 times. Yes, i really said 8. I was having a real stupid moment - but i'll blame it never having sewn something with that many layers or handles. I think it was an obstacle illusion or something but when i quit thinking and finally followed the instructions without my head getting involved i saw what went wrong, eight times. The inside pocket was sewn on the wrong side and i had the straps not tucked inside so they kept not coming out when i turned the thing. Now it's lovely and cute but i still look at it and can't believe i spent an entire naptime making it. I had a couple other things planned with it. I did make another 4 bibs. Oh, i didn't share that yet. I'm making bibs galore. And changing tpads and all kinds of other baby/kid stuff for baby presents and gifts for the older kids as well as pajamas for LD. Also getting ready to make stuff for my neices and nephews for the holidays, stuff for the little man for Eid. I love making bibs though. You can do so many in an hour and it's awesome to see something beautiful/cute on a bib instead of the same ole same ole. I'm trying to get some stuff together to start an Etsy store. Been working on building up my stash against my husband's will which takes some creative planning and attack methods. The Art of War has been very useful. ;-)


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