Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What I've been doing....

First I've been dealing with getting our phone lines back up, satellite service back up, et cetera et cetera. I was giving LD his snack the other day and there was an intense thunderstorm. I got a little worried when the booms were so loud i was jumping and the hail started coming down. I grabbed him out of his chair to go to the basement and just as i did i saw a flash of light and then a squealing sound and then the sound two metal things make when grinded against each other and then all the power went off. Yup, house got struck by a bolt of lightening. It fried my computer outlet but not the computer thank God,our satellite and phone still don't work. Everything was a little weird after that. Our clock started showing time weird and when we opened it up there was battery acid everywhere, the microwave was showing squigly signs. Weird. But thank God it was just this stuff and not us and the house didn't start on fire. LD and I were both so scared. I was shaking and no doubt that got him fidgety. The bugs here already have him on edge. He's always running to us saying "bugg. Buggy! Bug. Uucky." I thought bugs in GA were bad. Here they are not as big but much more plentiful. Anyway, on to the fun stuff.

Some pictures of the past couple of months crafting. I did a little embroidery (it's my first time), a close up of the sushi plate.

I killed a cactus while keeping an orchid alive. How can i kill cacti so easily but get a orchid that was on its last leg to resprout with five babies?

We fixed up Little Dude's "big boy room" which he loves but still won't sleep in and fixed up his play room too. There was an ugly bench cushion in there that made the room so dark and it was just ucky so I made him a fun new car themed one (don't look too closely at it though, i had to idea what i was doing) but it really brightened up the room.

And best of all making cool baby stuff. Made some little baby shoes with leather bottoms (leather came from a removeable collar from an old jacket that wasn't used anyway - after not being able to find small pieces anywhere). Made the bottoms of a khameez set, cute little yoga type pants, boy pajamas for my guy all made from old shirts. Love how the pockets and hems can work out if you do it just right cutting out a lot of work. :-)

I made a new apron for me.

Also working on two, make that three now, blankets. I am also making newborn/basinet "quilts" from quilted pillow shams. Seems like everyone i know is having a baby.

I also came up with a great recipe for Pesto Shrimp Cavatappi that i fashioned off a restaurant in Denver that I've been craving for years. Good stuff. Will post on the food blog later.

I learned a way to distract LD for a few minutes so i can cook - he is always under my feet in the kitchen now. Always wants to know what I'm cooking, what each thing is, taste of it. The boy is gonna be a chef i tell ya. He loves food.

That's about it. The house is almost done. Well except for all the broken stuff. I can't wait to have my washer back. I'm working on four book reviews too. That's just crazy and really cutting into my crafting time. Now i have to stay up late to craft and use naptime for reading.

I promise to post soon on homemade cleaners that are safe for tots, the menu planning, and the other stuff i promised before. I haven't been as good as i normally am about sticking to my menu and husband's been doing some of the shopping. I want to get an accurate read on exactly how much we spend per week. Until then...


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