Thursday, August 09, 2007

Post and they will come?

Where o where have i been? Lemme tell you. I don't know if anyone's out there anymore or not lol. Maybe i'll just start a craft blog and forget this one...

Anyhooooo, well, i've been crafting. Awesome awesome crafting. Oh, and shopping for crafting supplies. With a lack of any sort of thrift store i've had to get creative, and well on the road too. One thing i did is quit dreaming that i'll fit into those clothes of pre-little dude days. So i've extracted those items from my closet and am reconfiguring them (thanks mystery egg for those book tips...oh and the tres leches cupcakes...omg, those are sinful! Are you still a loyal reader lol? i miss your blog... maybe i should email you instead of putting in this long segue ;-) Okay, so i've been refashioning clothes and stuff and it's way cool people if you haven't done it. I've made pants for little ones (girls too...hope i have a not preggers people, just hopeful in the future so these awesome pants can be put to use). I've just scored the motherload by driving a godforsaken distance looking for thrift stores while they were not to be found...addresses no longer good BUT found a craft store going out of business. No fabric left as it's the last days but found some awesome patterns for 3/$1 - did you read that??? The ones that are marked 11-15 bucks! I got some belting. Just ask me what i'm gonna use that for? not for belts i can tell you. I scored a large amount of black felt for 60 cents. Wicker and cloth lined baskets for $3-5 which i totally needed and was not wanting to pay $30 for. I wanted a really large brown one to hold little dudes toys on our first level. I got it and it's big enough to hold library books, toys, whatever. Happy happy happy dance. I got buttons, embroidery floss, knitting needles and a few craft books. But i was fabricless still. Sad but happy day. I heart my sewing machine. So happy to come in here after the ld starts snoring. I've been wearing him out at the pool and bug hunting. As soon as he goes off to dreamland so does momma....crafting heaven.

Oh, and i found a kazillion cute patterns for old ugly ties. I raided my husband's stash from 1980 or something. When lacking fabric, hit your closets. I have some clothes in there i just didn't want to get rid of. Now i don't have to. The good thing is they are usable again so i'm not hoarding.

That's all i've been up to. Taking care of my guy and trying to give him all my time because he's still having a hard time. But naptime, oh lovely naptime, is a dream.

Pictures of my adventures will come soon.


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