Friday, September 07, 2007

where oh where does the time go

oh where oh where could it be? Yes, that was sung to that pesky children's song that won't leave my head. Not good when you are writing a book review. .


Here's my stress. Maybe sharing it will lessen it.

1. Birthday party. This isn't much of a stresser this year because i'm not going all out like last year. Last year i cooked enough food for the masses and made two cakes. This year, cake is getting bought and we're barbequing. I'm going to enjoy this one where the focus is on my little dude where it should be. It should be fun and small. Which is actually nice. I'm finally meeting a friend that i've known online before i even met my husband. So excited to meet her. It's funny because we have so much in common and are only a few hours apart.

We must be crazy inviting people into our house though because the house still isn't unpacked. I don't think it ever will be to tell you the truth. May as well let the cat out of the bag. I'm not the perfect housewife i pretend to be.

2. Gotta select a school for LD. We keep going back and forth. Gotta choose before they are all booked. There's an opening in the elitest montessori school (there's several but this is THE ONE to get into which sort of makes me not want him to go there). It's next to a farm and in the evenings people practice playing polo there. It's funny to see NJ life. Polo on the farms. Sometimes i feel like i'm walking through a Ralph Lauren catalog.

3. Mom is coming. This will be her last visit as she is very very ill now. I feel bad even making her fly. It's so sad that we all know this just may be the last time we see her. I feel like my family is going. She's the only one that calls me consistently. I have tons of regrets right now. I wish i had lived with her when i was a teenager but i didn't and for good reasons but right now i'm kicking myself for it. I'm going to make this trip as good as i can for her.

4. Time. Need some.

5. I have 4 new books to review in one month. That completely ties up every second of free time i have. This last one about sucked the life out of me. And it was an excellent book. It's just so draining when i don't get time to myself. I find myself staying up late...2 am late just to have some time but then i pay the next day when i can't keep up with my kid and i'm not my chipper self.

Now the good stuff.

I've been shopping. Ebay is a wonderful tool for building a sewing stash. I have a ton of sewing notions and vintage fabrics to play with when time frees up. I'm sure i'm going to make time somehow someway. With LD in school 2 mornings a week, that'll surely be reading/writing time and then naps can still be mine? Yeah right. It won't work like that but i can dream can't i?

Okay, must clean house and hide all the junk in the closets including the beautiful vintage fabric that just arrived on my doorstep and the lovely box of vintage notions. I must post pictures of all this lovliness. OH OH OH. My most current obsession/project is a costume contest. I'm entering. You have to make everything by hand and get this - - - - - - - - - i'm making my lovely little dude into the sweet little prince! I found the fabric on a remnant table the other day for a whopping 99 cents a yard! And it's the perfect fabric. I was looking for affordable satin but this is so much better. I have no idea what it is but it's shiny and soft. I just need to figure out what to do about the hair. Any ideas?

The little prince is very blond and my guy is very brunette. Help please. I'll post pictures soon of all my fabric hoarding. The good thing is i purged a lot of the books i was hoarding. I try to do that every Ramadan.


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