Saturday, September 01, 2007

Busy bee!

We are having a serious clothing crisis over here and it's gotten to the point that i have to make clothes to keep us covered. Our washing machine broke about 3 weeks ago and people keep coming (and going) without fixing it. Sucks bigtime. 3 weeks is a long time to go without clean clothes and we'd go to the laundry mat which i actually liked doing back in my apartment days but alas, sans kiddo. I have a picture that i almost posted but remembered i'm not supposed to air dirty laundry on my blog i didn't. It's about 8 loads. We have no essentials if you know what i mean, and towels are getting scarce. Little Dude will have lots of pajamas when clothes get done. I guess that's what i'll be doing when he goes off to school here soon. I enrolled him in preschool (very happy with the's exactly what i was looking for) and am very glad he's going because he needs social time and i also need a break. They are also great teachers as with all schools of this type are. But when i read on the paper work the lines "please make it a quick goodbye" i teared up in a room full of people eating ice cream. I can't believe i'm going to leave my little boy in someone else's care. It's only 6 hours a week but that is 6 hours i have never had alone. Breathe mamma breathe...

Okay, i came here to post some of what i've been doing and get a little advice too. Better get to that before my kids wake up from their nap. Yeah, the 38 year old one is napping too. ;-) Good thing he's firewalled from my blog and won't read this te he he. Gotta love the corporate office nose to the grindstone...

Ready set pictures...
(sorry, you have to click em yourself.
a few baby presents i've made:

A complete baby set. Changing pad or blanket, burp cloth, bib and shoes.
A soft hospital hat. (not a gift, prob for a babe of mine in the future)
Bibs for all including my little dude. I made an embroidered one too. I've made more...they are just in that huge pile of laundry. You really should see the size of it. It's quite impressive. And by the end of today, this will be a cutesy baby blanket.

a few things for the little dude:

A crayon roll and here it is opened.

King Kong pajamas (one of my husband's favorites because these so suit his personality - i have enough left over for another pair if anyone else likes the print) and another pair made out of one of my husband's old shirts. He took it back from me so i couldn't cut it but then i pointed out the stains and he said "you can get those out" because really i can usually get out most stains. But i couldn't (i didn't try thaaaat hard) and instead we have this lovely pair of pajamas which are by far my favorites yet. I love several things about them. I love the big stripes, i love the comfy looseness of them, i love that they have the little slit on the sides and i love the numbers i appliqued on there. I totally didn't know what i was doing and the numbers were a hindsite. I saw the need for them after i stitched the pants and God knows i don't restitch unless absolutely necessary or on my quilt (which is soon to be seen too). I freehand cut numbers from felt and stitch the best i could onto the pants. I didn't use a zigzag stitch as i could hardly even get them under the needle and i didn't do interfacing. I've never done applique but lemme tell you, i love em just the way they are. These pants are perfect to me. I'm in the process of cutting big numbers out of the sleeves of the shirt and putting them on a white t-shirt. Soon and that's gonna be so cute.

The tote that took forever.

BTW, see what i mean about him and chickens?

a thrifted curtain that i had complete intentions of turning into a few cute aprons complete with ruffles that i wouldn't have had to sew. Ugh. I bought this just for that. It's a nice waverly curtain - pictures don't do it justice. It's the same color as our office nook walls (green tea) and has touches of brown. I think i got it for two bucks or something. I was about to cut it and then saw how perfect it matched the walls and lo and behold, it fits perfectly in the window. We were going to just put bamboo blinds up but this would accent the room perfect and it fits perfectly. I was so sad. My aprons were gone i knew it. What would you do...cut it into aprons or leave as a beautiful curtain (the picture really doesn't do it justice. It's so soft. And look at those polka dots! How cute do they accent an apron??? Arghhhhhhhh, decisions. Make this one for me please!

Okay, another thrifted item i need advice for. This is a beautiful brand new pillow case. I see two things here. I see a vintag-y apron (pattern i just attained through ebay) and i also see the cutest little girls dress (think tank top with the ruffle at the bottom. Which one do you see?

That's what i've been up to!

BTW, still need a few more for the Pay it Forward. If we can come up with a way for keeping it up people without blogs can participate...i just don't know how to do it because it would stop there and i think it's best to keep it going...right? Ideas? I need two more participants. You can make something as simple as cookies or a bookmark. It's the thought that counts.


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