Sunday, September 30, 2007

Thrifting, antiquing and garage sale weekend...

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I did it all. My thrifty neighbor gave me the heads up about two community garage sales nearby and an antique store's moving sale. Oh boy, oh boy oh boy did I shop.

What I can't believe is how much I got for how little. I am posting one of my favorite finds. I love love love this and it's in perfect condition. I can't believe none of the spool holders were broken off nor is there any marks on it. I don't think it was ever used. I love the shape of it, I love the "A stitch in time saves 9" - something i definately need reminding of. I love the little hooks on the back and I love that I got it for $3. Everything (most everything in the antique store was 75% off). Here it is full -

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I have so much more to share and will. But this is one of my favorite things. I got a lovely old desk too. Handpainted and a spa green which matches my sewing room perfect. My husband didn't like it nor my neighbor, but i loved it. The sale price was $95 and my husband said no way. The store owner said "make the dealer an offer". My husband said to do $25. Yeah right! I said. This lovely desk for $25??? Are you crazy? I said "please, let's go higher" and so we went to a whopping $30. Guess what I got it for? Yup! $30. I can't wait till my hubby picks it up so i can show you! We didn't have room in the car because ironically we were going to the "i sold it at ebay" store with a car full of stuff. We didn't make it before closing. Husband was irritable sitting in an antique store all day (and even more so later for not making it to the ebay store and still having a car full of stuff which will have to be unloaded to pick up the desk and reloaded to go to the store - oops), LD was irritable for being around such frilliness but I had a heck of a day!

Some other things I got at the antique store:

Fabric galore - $1 per piece, sometimes this was a yard, sometimes less, sometimes more.

60's hippie bedspread - $9. I loved it, what can i say.

A 50's laundry bag with lovely fabric that i really had to work on getting the price down on. Well worth the battle. I now also have an in with the vintage clothing store lady who is going to work me a deal on box lots. She said I had a good eye for things too which made me feel good because I've been getting a little nervous about that.

3 chenille bedspreads which i will be promptly cutting up and crafting with.

This doesn't include the garage sales i hit in the morning. One thing I will mention now is the brand new in the box print gocco. $20 - story about that one...


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