Monday, September 24, 2007


I must be a glutton for punishment because mid afternoon I made homemade bread. Now I've never made homemade bread except of the zucchini, carrot, pumpkin, apple, banana variety but I found a recipe that swore to be easy. Whoa Nelly! It was and it smells so good. The whole house smells like one big homemade bread Yankee Candle (if they had one). I wish i could bottle it and sell it. I usually like cooking when I'm fasting because well it makes the time go by and cooking doesn't usually make me hungry. But everytime I walk past this golden brown tasty looking fluffiness and smell the fresh baked bread smell I about die. Nafs takes over and I'm ready to dive in.

3 hours and 15 minutes until fast breaking time. I'll be breaking mine on bread and water and it never sounded so good.


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