Saturday, September 22, 2007

Seperation Anxiety isn't just for babies....

I was crying before i even dropped Little Dude off for his first morning of school. I stayed up late the night before ironing and rotary cutting quilt squares trying to get my mind off it. The school breaks you in - i didn't think i needed that - i knew the LD wouldn't need it. One day you go with your kid for an hour then it's drop off for an hour by himself and then it slowly moves to 3 hours on his own 2 days a week. When i dropped him off for his first day without me i was bawling before we even left the house and then the whole way home i cried out loud...the initial crying i tried to conceal as to not upset him but when he was gone i let it out. I barely made it through the drop off.

When i picked him up he was happily playing but we he spotted the car he made a run for it. That's my little dude. I didn't want him to be unhappy and crying like one boy in there but i wanted him to miss me. He brought home a great painting too. I honestly thought i wouldn't have any crying issues about him being gone a few mornings a week but any second without him is strange. I've never left him and he's always been at my side, through doctor appointments, cooking, everything. He's my little anchor. Where he is I am. Now he's moved off into a small part of the big world where I'm not and that totally freaks me out. I keep saying to myself "he needs this, i need this" and we do. He had a lot of fun playing with the kids and he has already started learning to put things away. I was able to complete an entire sewing project. After, we hit an awesome garage sale and found some wonderful things for him. I love Melissa and Doug wooden toys and it's nice they aren't laced with toxic paint. I need to update some of my recent thrifting finds because i've been finding some awesome things.


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