Saturday, October 20, 2007

I remember...

...when I couldn't wait for this darling little boy of mine to speak. And can't wait for a moment of silence. I don't mean it but then i do. The rambling monologue that lasts from sun up (well about a half hour before) to sundown (about two hours after) with a minor break (one small nap) in between is exhausting. I would be lying if i didn't occassionally fantasize about sticking a sock in it.

Two is tough. Two is tiring. Two is also fun and amazing and new words always throw me for a loop wondering how he can learn so much in a day. It's also amazing how many times he is sent to the naughty rug and how much he likes being there. Hitting and throwing are on his to do list most days now. It's frustrating getting a car or truck smack dab in the face upon wakeup. People wonder why i need so much try waking up that way every day.

His vocab used to be about a hundred words now it's increasing at an amazing speed, but the way he says some are so dang cute! Some of my favorite words in the monologue...

a more. Means i want, i want more, i want some, etc etc.

nuk - milk. Used to be ilk, then ick, now nuk. And used quite demandingly too.

turt-tle - not turdle how most say it but a very sounded out turtle. This is now one of my favorite words of the english language. Love it on my little one's lips.

a-mane-o. Tomato. This is my husband's favorite word of his i think. LD loves tomatos. Took a long while for to figure what the heck he was saying which always makes him mad. Two is full of frustrations for child and parent alike.

cow jump over the mooooon - he's obsessed with the moon and the cow and looks for each of them every single night and sometimes mid-afternoon. He was quite sad in October when the moon was so low every night that we couldn't see it from anywhere.

kiss-eeez. a-more kiss-eez. So cute!

daddy's. mommy's. two daddy's. I don't know why but he calls me daddy most of the time. I think it started when i weened him and told him "no more mommy" because he used to call milk mommy. It used to be a little embarassing when he called me daddy in public and when he recently started to say "two daddy's!" while pointing at us both. I've tried breaking it. Now i just embrace it. When he does say ammi (urdu for mommy) he says "ammis" - one is never enough for him. When he's got a fist full of blueberries or grapes he's already asking for "amores. amore buberries"

i'm missing some other favorites...

These are the days i never want to forget but i seem to forget before i remember to remember.

There are two occassions when he's calm and quiet-ish. When we pray (he stands there mumbling and then says thaaaank you. thaaaank you. over and over. Too cute. I didn't teach him that either.

Up above is the cake i made him for his second birthday. I love the way it turned out. It was much easier than i could have anticipated. I planned it for months though. We took him on his first real train ride that daytoo. Most of his monologues are about trains and "a-more trains" so "trains and a more trains" he got.


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