Monday, November 12, 2007

Pyrex - an ode to you

That is my big glass Pyrex dish on the left and Little Dude's toy plastic one on the right. How cute is it that our Pyrex matches? The day I found his was a very lucky day. I found a wood thing that i thought would make a nice play kitchen. The price on it was $5 (a steal!) but since it was the end of the day and beginning to rain, everything was all of a sudden 50% off. $2.50. My husband finally broke down and let me get it after much whining and foot stomping and guilty glares. He just didn't see what i saw...a wonderful little kitchen for my boy. And yes, like i told him, boys cook. Most chefs are men. Bobbby Flay rocks. The world needs more boys that cook. I love that he cooks (real food!) at school too. Anyway, the pyrex was in a laundry basket with a bunch of other toy plastic dishes (i prefer wood which is what i had for him already, a pot and a pan anyway, but i digress) and the pyrex stole my heart so i bought the basket full of dishes for a whopping 50 cents. For $3, some masking tape, glue, and a printer and we have this (i plan to add a microwave and an oven door but that's gonna have to wait till spring i think):

Oh! But this was supposed to be an ode to Pyrex! Ahhhhhhh, Pyrex, i love thee. Thy sweet little pictures on glass that is oh so hard to break (can you work on the lid thing though - most pyrex i find has lost its lid - my son's has his though, how cool is that?). I collect vintage Pyrex. Slowly i'm getting rid of the clear stuff i have and replacing it with the lovely prints of days of yore. My husband has come to the other side. Pyrex goes everywhere and the stuff just doesn't break. LD eats most of his meals out of a set that i got at this same sale. It was a bunch of little ones and I'm sure they are worth something so I'm not looking it up because i love them for his meals. Even when he tosses them into the sink - literally - they don't break. Everything around them might, but they don't.


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