Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Universal Children's Day

Farhana asked for posts for Universal Children's Day...a craft, a poem, book, etc...if you want to join in i'm sure you still can.

I like doing things with my kids hands and feet because it gets him thinking outside the box.

Making a Thanksgiving turkey out of your kids hands and feet is what we are going to do today when he wakes up and also make Thanksgiving table markers even though it's only going to be the three of us this year. We also did the sunflower back when fall began which was a lot of fun.

In general, I really like the Enchanted Learning website. I linked to their preschool section but there's crafts for all ages. Just go to the main site. There's a kazillion sites on the web and lots of books too. I have to admit though, my favorite sources are these books:

The Toddler Calendar - I got this at the library for 50 cents and there were other teaching books i really should have got that day after looking in this.

The Toddler Busy Book and also the Preschooler's Busy Book - both are great for ideas. I get them from the library and copy the ideas down on paper.

Recently i found at our new library a discarded librarian guide for children's programs. It gives great ideas on felt displays, songs and stories all with a theme. Maybe ask your librarian if they discard theirs if you can have it. I got mine for free as a discard. I can't find my copy right this minute but i will post the name when i do. I think the Toddler Calendar is better though (next on the list).

I think my favorite is the Toddler Calendar. It has tons of projects, ideas, pages to color (i print them so can keep reusing them - i do that with coloring books right now too until he's actually coloring) and calendars too. I really love this one. It's selling on Ebay right now I see for 99 cents plus shipping. Not a bad deal...that's the exact book i have so i can vouch for it. Oh, it's also on Amazon used starting at $1.82.

It really makes me want to homeschool. I was planning on it in Georgia because the schools stank. Here the schools are real good, and we are in a good district so i probably won't but boy do i wanna.

Oh, and there's some great coloring pages online too. I like the alphabet ones on learningplanet.com but just do a search for alphabet coloring pages and you'll find a ton.

Mostly what kids need i feel is time spent learning with their parents. It's a fact that children learn best with nurture. Nurture them when they are doing a learning activity and reading and they'll grow to love learning.


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