Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Need felt

I need 100% wool felt and I can't find anywhere here. I look online and they charge an arm and a leg. It's really holding up some projects and driving me crazy. Anyway, that off my mind, the snow didn't take the leaves. And it's gone! Little Dude lucked out this time, but he better watch it. Momma's gonna get him good. Consider it payback for all the days I woke up with his feet kicking me in the face, him pulling my head up by my hair asking for milk, the metal cars he sleeps with mashing me in the face....all at the lovely hour of 5:30. Last week we the parental idiots stayed up and watched a movie (A Mighty Heart - good movie) and finished it at 2:30. The little punk woke up at 4:00 demanding milk........not a good day lemme tell you.

Anyway, it looks like I'm on a tangent today. Oh, and i must post something for Farhana's thing...that'll be nap time, i snuck away while the chocolate chip pancakes were getting wolfed down...i'm sure there's chocolate finger prints all across the walls now.

Does anyone know where to get 100% wool felt for a decent price (meaning instead of costing an arm and a leg, maybe a finger and a toe)? And does anyone know how to get a toddler out of your bed and into his own? He likes to twirl my hair to fall asleep. He needs this i think so that may be the problem. I need sleep though. We are both light sleepers and disturb each other. I seriously doubt i'll kick him out though...i'd miss his stinky feet in my face or the hair pulling probably.


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