Friday, November 23, 2007

Did i really agree to blog every day?

I can hardly ever read blogs let alone blog every day. Some days it's been a close call. Hope everyone had a good turkey day. It's one of my favorite holidays. Yeah, i don't like that Indians were slaughtered and we eat turkey because of it, but the food is good dangit. Laziness is good on occassion and being home with family is well, the best part of it all. After my mashed potatos and gravy. ;-) My mom taught me how to make her pan gravy this last visit and i've taken every opportunity to make it since then. Delish!

Today I became an official NJ resident. Drivers license picture stinks. Even after she took it four times (the reward for being nice i guess and feeling their pain for having to work the day after thanksgiving). First one was best but i had to go with the last one because the others were deleted. Oh's the thought that counts right.

Now to anxiously await a surprise delivery that I'm dying to know what it is. Tea in hand, book that i have to read...hate that but it's gotta get reviewed by Sunday. Husband out running errands, little boy sleeping. Perfect.


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